Bird Watching

Pictures: A couple of Scrub Jay shots.

Coming in for the landing.
Scrub jay Landing 7d_2108

Loading up ……. loaded!
Scrub Jay 7d_2085

Tablet: I’m enjoying my rooted tablet, I really like the CanogenMod Rom, it gives you good control over the system.

Weather: Okay it is getting a bit warm 😦 On the solar system here I can run the AC for about 3.5 hours and then it shuts down for about an hour. Of course if it is night it will not come back up till there is some sunshine. I can do good without AC up to about 90° but after that I like a little AC. The nights cool off by about 10:30 or so with a fan running, not as soon as I would like but it at least it cools down.

Bird Watching: As I watch the birds I see that the Canyon Towhee likes to scratch around on the ground while the Scrub Jay just like to pick up it’s seeds and move out. I have at least 4 Lesser Gold Finches coming for water each day. I’ll miss my bird friends.

Night Folks


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