Pictures: Busy day yesterday, I’ll start with a couple of pictures I took of Shiprock from a distance and in midday. Not a ease place to get to because it is on Navajo land.

Here is a quote from this Site I found

“it shouldn’t be too hard to find (see map). Not so. We got local directions in the town of Shiprock. Then we drove until we found someone else of whom to ask directions. The we drove some more and asked directions. The problem is that we could see Ship Rock but couldn’t find a way to get within miles of it except up a private dirt road ”

This first shot is from a very long ways off but I like it.
Shiprock 20d_2052

This one a little closer taken from about 4 miles west of the city of Shiprock. Not sure how far from Shiprock itself, but some miles for sure.
Shiprock 20d _2025

Weather: It is raining a lot today. It is without a doubt a good thing for NM, needs all the rain it can get.

Night folks