Four Corners

Pictures: Today I have couple shots of the Four Corners. I’ll have a couple more for tomorrow.

Here is the Four Corners mark with people lined up to stand on it and take each other pictures, maybe it you went early in the morning you could catch the place with not so many people, maybe.
Four Corners 20d_2040

And here it is the Four Corners. There is a good bit of fuss over whether of not this is really it, (if you Google it) but from the best I can gather is that seeing as they have make it a National Monument that kind of trumps everything else.
Four Corners 20d_2039

Friends: My friend Barry hit the road this morning, Barry is my friend that likes to run the roads a lot so I’ll be hanging out more in the camp ground now 😦  but I still have one friend (Mickey) in the area to hang out with 🙂 

It will be moving time in just a few more days and I still have zero plans as to where I’ll go, and that is just as well to me.

Night folks