Mesa Verde

Pictures: If ruins are your thing you need to visit Mesa Verde, even if they are not, it is still a great place to visit. We stay maybe 3 or 4 hours and it was not even a good start to seeing all there is to see. I would recommend that you cut out 2 or 3 days to see this place if you are into ruins and even if you are not I would at least give it a full day.

Here are my first two pictures of SPRUCE TREE HOUSE, which is one of the sites in Mesa Verde and only one of the many cliff ruins.

Spruce Tree House 20d_2066

Spruce Tree House 20d_2067

Weather: The temperature are just the best if you ask me 80° days and 55° nights, prefect 🙂 We do keep getting a lot of rain not great for doing stuff but it is so much needed here in NM that I will write it down as a good thing.

Update; It is about noon and here comes the rain. It has been pretty persistent over the last couple of weeks.
Second rain about 5pm.

Night folks


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    1. Hi Judy, I enjoyed the visit to Mesa Verde but it was a very quick visit. I may go back to that area to visit more, not necessarily Mesa Verde but just the area because it looked kind of nice.


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