Square Tower House

Pictures: More Mesa Verde and this is Square Tower House. I did not walk down to this one and from what I understand, it is about 2 hour trip to get there.
If you would like an ideal just how big Mesa Verde is, here is a link to a PDF map We visit the Spruce Tree House and took the loop with Square Tower House on it. That is it, we looked quickly at about a 1/3 of the place, maybe less.

Whether than tell you about it, here is the sign.
Spuare Tower House 20d_2105

Square Tower House 20d_2107

Weather: It’s cooler here in the San Juan National Forest, because the elevation is about 8125 feet where I am parked. It just finish a good afternoon rain here, so I got me a lot of mud now :/ From the looks and feel of things it’ll be raining all afternoon.
Update; It did clear up after a bit and there was some sunshine 🙂

Night folks