Last Mesa Verde

Pictures: For now I will make this the last of the Mesa Verde, I have more and maybe I will revisit them at another time. I hope you folks enjoyed the Mesa Verde ruins, I enjoyed them more than I thought I would have 🙂
Here is 2 more shots from the Loop that Square Tower is on.

Mesa Verde 20d last_2140

Mesa Verde 20d last_2139

Exercise: I walked 4.6 miles this Morning, not bad!

Night folks


3 thoughts on “Last Mesa Verde

  1. What a neat and historical place! I am sure I would feel the spirits of those that were here in those days and have goose bumps the whole while I was here.

    I hiked about 5 miles today and gained about 1000ft in elevation. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself since I’ve not hiked that far in months. It feels good to stretch the legs with a good hike. I think I know how you’re feeling tonight. 🙂

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    1. Mesa Verde is a interesting and entertaining visit, I enjoyed it. Walking is something I’ve always enjoyed and as I get older and can do less I cherish it even more. It does always feel great afterwords, don’t it? 🙂

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