Windows 10

Just a fast hello, I’ve been busy installing Windows 10  into my laptop today. Back tomorrow hopefully 🙂

Night folks


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  1. I installed mine yesterday, too. It seems when I finally get my computer exactly the way I want it and everything is running great, I download something new like this. I hope I’m not sorry.
    The first thing I noticed is that it seems to want me to share everything with Microsoft, and I’m not willing to do that. I turned all that OFF, wondering if I was negating any benefits of the new program by doing that. I heard on the news today that Windows 10 lets friends use my wi-fi if they are close by. It was a brief report and I didn’t completely understand it, but I made sure that was OFF. I’m thinking this version might have tooooo much SHARING! I know you won’t like that. I’ll be interested in what you think about it after you’ve used it a bit. I’m at Caballo right now and noticed that the Internet is a little slow here, Today with Windows 10 it seems faster. Maybe it’s the OS, maybe not. 🙂

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    1. One might give up some benefits but I agree a bit too much sharing even to include your updates with other! For folks that have meter bandwidth that is not cool. Have you play with Microsoft Edge browser yet? I like it but I’ll stay away till they follow up on allowing both Chrome and Firefox add-ons, then I think it be a good browsers.


      1. Yes, I checked out Edge, but it’s not very exciting. I love Firefox and use their Tabs add-on, which I love. I have them lined up across the top and every morning I go from left to right and click on all my favorite sites. I didn’t stay in Edge very long. I went back and had Firefox designated as my program. I might check Edge again, but will probably stay with Firefox.

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