Windows 10 working fine

Pictures: Here is a sunflower that is not far from my rig just now.

Sunflower 20d_2280

There is a airport some miles south of me and I see places coming in now and again. The airport much be smaller because I only see mid size airplanes going in, some jets but not the big ones. Oh, there is two planes in this photo, I didn’t even see the second one till I was working on the photo in Photoshop, it is the smallest white dot in the picture and straight in front of the bigger airplane.
Airplane 20d_2277

Windows 10: As best I can tell I got most of the kinks out of the Windows 10 install and things are back to normal. It sure makes things much easier using a upgrade vs a clean install, Had I did a clean install I would have weeks getting all my software back in place. The one other thing I need to do today is to make a backup image of the install that I got now. Oh, and a recovery disc too.

Update; Backup and recovery done.

Night folks