Aztec Ruins, Last

Pictures: Last of the Aztec shots for now.

Aztec Ruins 4_2164

Aztec Ruins 4_2167

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Aztec Ruins, Last

  1. Sorry I’ve ignored your blogs for a while. I had the great big moving to do. I’m just catching up with all I’ve missed. Lovely photos! I want to do what you do someday. How are your knees feeling? Last time I checked they were giving you trouble and you couldn’t run!

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    1. Thanks for coming by, good to see you out and about on the blog 🙂 I know the feelings you have about moving and stuff, I’ve come to think life is often in the way of the fun stuff we all want to do, LOL! In lite of that ‘life thing’ and all the necessary things that entails doing and getting done, we just have as much fun as we can while doing it 🙂 and then when time permits, get back to things that are just fun without being necessary , things like reading blogs! Me and the knees …. No running for me! I do enjoy some nice long walks if the knees are not fussing much 🙂

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