Windows 10 and updates

Pictures: More wild flowers in the area. I like these flowers they light the place up.

Wild Flowers 20d_2294

Wild Flower 20d_2293

Windows 10 and Updates: Yet another not so poplar change made by Microsoft! Microsoft prefers that for Windows 10, you have no choice about taking your updates or when they download and install. About the only thing they want you to have a choice about is when you do restarts, when they are needed.
Okay, if you are lucky enough to have Windows 10 Pro(or Higher) like I do you can change the updating of Windows 10 a bit by using Group Policy. I have used this and will let you know how it goes. Here is a link to a guide for that for Windows 10 Pro. This link also show other ways to stop some updates(for all Windows, Home, Pro and others) but they are a little more involved. The only control I can possibly see for Windows 10 Home (other then in the link above) is to turn off updates on a/some meter connection or connections. For a particular WiFi connection you can do this …… Start/Settings/Network and Internet/Advanced Options/Set as metered Connection/ and turn this on. Keep in mind this will stop all updates on that connection and I do recommend that you do updates somewhere every now and then.

Night folks