Road running day again tomorrow

Pictures: From my RV site.

Tree 20d_2504

Blue water 20d_2503

Road Running: I got to take back a water pump that I just got. I open the box and pull the blue tabs off and water came out, that means they sold me a use pump for a new one 😦 At any rate maybe we’ll get to do something fun while in the big city(Albuquerque) tomorrow.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Road running day again tomorrow

    1. It has happen to me a time or two, I guess it is easier to put it back on the shelf then return it to the manufacturer, still I never expect to have the need to look in a box when something is support to be new 😦 No problem we’ll do something fun after we do the the return, and maybe a nice meal too!

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  1. I’ve bought things that, when I opened them, were obviously used and stuck back in the box, AND they didn’t work! I like to open boxes now, to make sure the thing looks new and unused. They should PAY you for your gas to get another one! 😦

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    1. I agree! But I didn’t check so now I’ll have to make the trip. There is a good part to it all, my friend that I’m hanging out with help me get the old one fixed so ….. It’ll be a return and not an exchange, money back in my pocket.

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