Pictures: More of my older stuff, here is a male and female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

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Weather: It has been running a little warm but the weatherman says it will be cooling off soon. Still the night have been fine and that is the most important.

Sheep: The herd of sheep came through again today, It’s pretty good size with a couple dogs in the mix too. I seen an older guy in a truck that I seen in here before perhaps he is the sheepherder.

Night folks


An old walk

Pictures: Here is a couple of old shots from my walk up Wheeler Peak (highest point in NM) about 3 years ago.



Exercise: Today I did a nice long walk, about 5 miles I would guess. It felt good to be out and moving.

City: Well it might not be big enough to call a city ….. Went into Ash Fork today to the post office and look around a bit, not a lot to see.

Night folks


Pictures: Oh AZ, does have the nice Sunsets 🙂 Here are a couple.

Sunset 280915_20d_2628

Sunset 280915_20d_2640

Solar Controller: I finally got the new Solar Controller installed. It turned out to be a bit longer job than I thought it would be. It is a larger in both capacity and size than my older one was so it had to have bigger space,wire and breakers. I have to put together new cables with bigger wire, #6 to # 4 on the battery side with new connector ends, add a DC breaker box (the older controller just had breakers in line kind of like a fuse, the new breakers are better), move things around so there was room for the bigger controller and other small things that needed to be done. Now I got to do a lot more reading to figure out all the settings. I got the basic stuff down but need to dig deeper into things for the fine settings. One of the things it will do (with its Auxiliary out put) is operate a fan in the battery box and I could use that.

Night folks

Black Sheep

Pictures: Sheep came by today while I was busy working on my solar. I stay in the open range areas, and often see live stock and I kind of enjoy seeing them. I was raised in the country so it makes me feel at home.

Sheep 260915_20d_2615

I always look for the one black sheep 🙂
Black Sheep 260915_20d_2620

Last night’s sunset.
AZ Sunset 250915_20d_2612

Solar: I got a little work done on my solar today. I have an older RV and there is not all that much room for this newfangled stuff! Had to cut a few holes and make some room.

Night folks

Moved today

Pictures: I moved today and the new area is about a 1000 feet lower and my tall pines or Woodpeckers are no more. The trees here are a bit on the short side 🙂

250915Welch Road_20d_2610

250915Welch road_20d_2608

Not all areas have trees!
250915Welch road 20d_2605

Computers/devices: What have I been up to on the computer front? There has been an update for the tablet, from CyanogenMod 12 to CyanogenMod 12.1 which is the latest lollipop 😀 I’m rooted and CyanogenMod is a ROM that must be manually flashed, I messed it up the first time but I had my Previous ROM backed up so I restored and tried again and got it right the second time around.
I’ve also been playing around with a VPN service and I’m enjoying learning about that.

Night folks

Just Butterflies

Pictures: Butterflies ….. yes that means that I have not been out taking any new pictures for a day or two :/

Buckeye photo bf2.jpg

Monarch photo bf3.jpg

City: I went back into Flagstaff today to pick up some odds and ends that I’ll need to do my solar job, wire, connectors and things. I am new to Flagstaff so getting around the city is a job for me, which means that each time I go it will take at least a half a day. It is no fun driving in a city I am not familiar with.

Night folks