Some Maintenance Day

Pictures: Some this and thats.

B&W Weeds 20d_2526

Sunrise 20d_2513

Weather: It is a cloudy day, very overcast and cooler today too.

Maintenance: I got the generator out and changed the oil in it and ran it for half hour or so, just to exercise it. Also after getting the tires rotated the other day I thought that maybe I should check to see if they had lined up the valve stems on the dulies, so I could add air as needed ……. one side was fine but I had to pull the wheel off the right side and line it up myself 😦 I didn’t mind too much seeing as they only charged me $15 to do the rotation, but had they paid little more attention to what they where doing they could have save me some work.
Tomorrow I will check the air in the RV tires and make sure they are ready for a longer trip should I decide to make one 🙂

Night folks


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