In good temperatures

Pictures: I am back in the National Forest (South of Flagstaff, AZ a ways) and in the tall Pines again 🙂

For a reference, the little tree in the front is about 10 to 12 feet tall.
Tall Pine 7d1_2553

Not many wild flowers left in the area but a few of these in the forest.
Wild Flower 7d1_2560

Weather: I am liking the temperatures here 🙂 It may be a little muddy here if we get much rain but that is fine, as long as it is not getting stuck muddy!

 photo Flagstaff area 9-11-15 Capture_zpskvs8vpg1.jpg

Night folks


9 thoughts on “In good temperatures

  1. The daisy looks fantastic! Not commentin’ re the height of those trees…lol. 😉
    Take It Easy is now on my mind…as our temp. is 16deg. mostly cloudy, just nicely pleasant for early Spring. I hear Arizona is a great place.

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    1. Thanks, I like the tall pines 🙂 16 is a bit cold for me Brrrrr if that is Fahrenheit and is “a OK” if it is Celsius 😉 Arizona is a neat state, I can drive about a 100 miles and be in a whole new weather environment as far as temperatures goes. So spring coming ……. you must be down under 🙂


      1. Then that is a good temperature! The lower part of AZ is just that(desert and heat) in the summer, but in the winter it is kind of nice temperature wise. The upper part AZ is a bit cooler with more forest.


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