Pictures: Pines and feeder.
Lots of Pine trees.
Pine Trees 20d_2567

Lots of Pine Cones.
Pine Cones 20d_2564

Here is my feeder loaded down with goodies but I am getting no takers 😦 It has peanuts, wild bird seed, Black oil sunflower seeds and Meal-worms. Steller Jay came and took a look but didn’t take a thing!
Feeder 20d_2568

Defrosting the refrigerator : About Once a month I defrost the bottom part of the refrigerator and about once a year I defrost the top part of the refrigerator, the freezer. Today was that chore for both, all done! I use a hair dryer for this job and it is a excellent tool for it. This Particular hairdryer I got off of a “free table” (where people put stuff they no longer want, but others may) and I think it was not running hot enough for drying lots of hair but it is near perfect for defrosting my refrigerator with the temperature being just right 🙂

Exercise: I have been walking 🚶right along but I’ve not kept track of it and the walks have not been long ones. I think maybe 2 miles at least 4 times a week. I seen to walk more when I’m out by myself then when I got non exercising friends hanging around I end up visiting more, but both keep me content so all is good!

Night folks