Acorn Woodpecker

Pictures: Acorn Woodpecker, I got these shots today. This one is a “lifer” for me. A “Lifer” in bird talk, is the first time seeing and IDing a bird and in my case I also add photographing.

Acorn Woodpeaker 7d1_2487

Acorn Woodpeaker 7d1_2468

City: Today I went to Flagstaff to do a few things like Laundry and shopping. I did not take a lot to time to look around seeing as I had my chores to take of.

Night folks


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  1. I’ve never seen that one – good for you! There was a tree in Belmont/San Carlos, CA that was on the way to Notre Dame High School that was covered with those woodpecker holes. I remember asking what caused all the holes and was told it was woodpeckers. Must have had Acorn Woodpeckers there. Your photo brought back some nice memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hi Barbara, I was happy to have caught this one, if you look in the Sibley guide it is not a wild area that this Bird is in. Your state CA has some neat woodpeckers I would like to see! LOL, they do seem to want to eat their house don’t they?


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