More Acorn Woodpecker

Pictures: Couple more shots of the Acorn Woodpecker.

Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2494

Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2507

Weather: I got the thing that makes the pines so tall ….. Rain, lots of rain. It is a little muddy for sure and the weatherman is saying that there is more to come, today and tomorrow 😦  A bit of bad news is that the temperatures will not be very hot over the next few days to help dry things out fast so hopefully there won’t be a lot more rain. The good news is that I’m well stocked with most the things that I need so there will be some drying time before I need to go out. Also it is pretty well flat around the area so the truck should go fine if need be. 👍

Night folks


10 thoughts on “More Acorn Woodpecker

    1. Thank you, I may wish that I’d took some rain ☔ with me when I leave in a week or so ……. when this winter I’m setting in the very dry and dusty desert! And, if I could I’d sure send some your way, know you could use it!

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    1. Thanks Nia, I love the fact that when I go to an area it is most likely possible that there is one or two birds that can only be seen in that area, I especially like it when I see that bird 🙂 I have never been anywhere that don’t have birds of some kind so bird watching makes for a good hobby, that can be done anywhere 🙂
      I always enjoy your photos 🙂

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  1. You are welcome dear John, you are right, of course in stting at home doesn’t bring them to you 🙂 Photograhy, especially bird photography means to go out to go to where they are… To travel, to walk,…. I am not in this way, I am at home, in the village and I can take picture what finds me 🙂 not what I find… In here there is forest too and it is possible to walk there but not safety… I dream my England days, I was walking in everywhere without any fear… Thank you dear John, I enjoy so much when I see your birds… Love, nia

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    1. Nia I am not sure just where you are in the world, I read the names that you use but I do know them. Can you tell me where you are? You know some of my best bird pictures are from a place that I lived for a few years and I never went no where but to the porch 🙂 for my birding.

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    1. Wow, I read a little about Istanbul and it has a long history and some beautiful places. I looked at your weather and I could RV there if only I had a road to get there, LOL (kidding of course). I bet the streets are really busy with so many people!

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  2. Istanbul is one of the cities that has a problem with her traffic on the roads… 🙂 And also population is unbelievable too… 🙂 Beautiful city but has many problems with her population.. This is for you, seagulls going along the ships in the Bosphorus always 🙂

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