Acorn Woodpecker Three

Pictures: Acorn Woodpecker, I like these guys 🙂

This tree seems to be the center for at least 8 or 10 Woodpeckers. I have seem 6 at once near the tree. The tree is broke off and maybe 30 feet(10 meters) high.
Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2510

I’m not sure what it is that the Woodpecker has here but they are putting them up for the winter I guess, this tree must be the stash tree. Maybe it is a Acorn but it don’t look like one to me 🙂
Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2470

A nice read on them here This site pretty much says just what I have been seeing and hearing. One other thing I see on this page is that both the male and female have red crowns, the males are just a little larger and comes all the way to the white face while the female stops and has a little black between the red and white.

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