Pictures: Yet more Woodpeckers and a Flower.

Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2543

Acorn Woodpecker 7d1_2471

Flower 20d_2571

Big To-do: Well my peace and quiet is gone for the weekend. A big group (25 or 30 so far) of people show up doing some kind of mid-evil period thing. They told me the numbers would be in the hundreds so it will be busy around here! They got their clothes, bow and arrows and what nots πŸ™‚ I’ll have entertainment for the weekend!

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. Those woodpeckers sure are cute, John…great photos too BTW over recent posts. I particularly think the second image in today’s post is absolutely superb…one for your birding forum, yes? And I particularly like it that one can see all the holes that, I presume, the woodpecker has made in in the tree trunk in search of something. Do they eat grubs as well?

    Are you still in Arizona? Are you going to go anywhere near the Painted Desert…would love to see some pix from there, definitely!

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    1. Thanks, not sure if they eat grubs or not but I would bet they do like a little meat in the diet like most birds. The holes could be for storage, maybe?
      Not near the painted desert but I pass though there last year, I’ll be in AZ till spring. Their are pictures farther back in the blog, maybe a year ago.


    1. LOL, they are mid evil and not Medieval because they are disturbing my peace a bit! They are fairly respectful, so they are not all full-on evil, yet….. They tell me tonight is party night so they may move to the evil side!

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