Big hole

Pictures: About 200 feet from my front door there is a big hole, I’m not sure what they where digging for but they dung deep.

Big hole Ash Fork photo Big hole 1 _20d_131015_zpslehctgyr.jpg

For respective my RV is in this one.
Big hole Ash Fork photo Big Hole 3_20d_131015_zpspluhk50q.jpg

Windows updates: Yes it is the second Tuesday of the month and Microsoft has send out it’s big updates for the month. I guess that is one thing Microsoft has kept the same about updates (big updates second Tuesday of the month).

Exercise : I did a little over two miles this morning so I’m at least making a showing.

Night folks


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      1. Man, I am SO happy and inspired that you had the courage to live life like this John AND that life is GOOD for you is the cherry on top! Thanks for blessing me with your courage and with the beauty you capture on your journey! Light and Love, Shona

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