Bike ride today

Pictures: Here are a couple shots I took back in 07, my first year out on the road RVing. Loggerhead Shrike.

Loggerhead Shrike 20d_7450

Loggerhead Shrikes 20d_7447

Exercise: Something a little different today and something I have not done for a while, a bicycle ride! It was a nice change and felt great, I did a 10 mile ride.

Equalizing Batteries : Today I’m equalizing my batteries ( this amounts to running the charge voltage up to 15.5 and holding it there for couplers hours ). The last set of batteries that I own I never equalize them once but I did discharge then often to at least 50% and charged them hard to get them back up to speed, kind of taking the need to equalize them away. This set of batteries I have not been discharging them much below 80%, so I figured I’d best start equalizing them on a regular basis. I do this manually so I can pick a good sunny day. I may set it up to do the equalizing automatically every couple of month.

Night folks


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  1. I have no idea how to do what you’re doing with your batteries, but the Shrikes are awesome! I’ve only seen one in all my years of birding.

    I think you’re pretty amazing living in a RV figuring out internet connections, groceries, water, and everything!

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