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Exercise: I did a little better today, with a 3 mile walk.

Blogs and following: I am following a lot of blogs and between keeping up with those that interact with my blog and the sometimes the WordPress reader, I miss some of the post I really want to see so I added a plug-in/add-on (or what ever you like to call them) to Firefox and it does the trick by letting know when folks update their post. It is the “Distill Web Monitor” works great so far. You add websites to it that you want to monitor and it checks them for you and give a notice when they change. It will watch a page for changes in a few different ways and if you watch everything it will even tell you when the adds change and I don’t want to know that! I just use the date of the last post and when that changes I know there is a new post and so far that is working (still have not seen changes in all the ones I added, but maybe those folks will get busy and update soon). Great plug-in 🙂

Night folks