Lake Havasu Area

Pictures: New area, Lake Havasu City, AZ Area, a much different landscape. I am now starting to shoot my landscapes with the Canon 7d1. I should get my Canon 7d2 today πŸ™‚ ….. waiting patiently for the tracking to say “Delivered”. It will be my birding camera mostly, after a time of learning the new gear. Wish I had a new longer lens to go with it, but that will have to wait. I seen the 100-400mm II on sale for $1850.00, still too much for me 😦

Havasu 2_7d1_291015

Havasu 1 7d1_301015

7d II: Seems that many folks have had a lot of trouble learning that camera’s focus system and a few have had to return their 7d II …. I hope to have a good one out of the box and that I am smart enough to use it! We’ll see soon …….!!!

Ha shucks, no camera today. Just checked at the post office and it didn’t make the Schedule delivery time 😦 😦

Exercise: Did my two miles.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Lake Havasu Area

  1. Sorry about the camera! The new landscape looks promising though. Look to Art Morris for clues to getting your Canon Auto Focus issues under control especially for birding. He’s a wiz with Canon Gear. I wish the guy shot Nikon!
    Here’s the link to his blog

    He gives setting and details on every blog post. He’s so amazingly generous. I hope to be able to afford one of his workshops one day. I have purchased a few of his ebooks, and tutorials. They’re well worth the money.

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  2. Hi John, I agree, this looks a terrific scenic area for photography, and it will be interesting to see what birds and other animals you can capture with your new camera. On that score, re a new lens, how about eBay? Don’t laugh! I bought my Nikon D80 body that way, cost me slghtly less than half of an expected AUD1,900, which is always more than U.S. dollars! So, give it a try. Mine came from a respected Hong Kong seller and the PayPal process protects you, and them too! It still works fine today (bought in 2008, I think it was), no problems at all. Very happy camper… πŸ™‚

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