Pictures: A couple of shots from a ways back. Ruins.

Salinas Pueblo Missions, in NM.
Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai2.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai4-1.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai3.jpg

Night folks



Pictures: Couple of my old Chipper shots.

Chipping Sparrows.
Chipping Sparrow photo Chip11.jpg

Chipping Sparrow photo ChipperPT.jpg

Night folks

Black Friday

Pictures: hope everyone is finding all the good deals today. I have not found anything of much interest or at least I have not caught it. I was watching for a couple of things but neither worked out. One I miss the best deal I have seen on the Lens I wanted and two The local Walmart to me didn’t have the phone deal I wanted from Straight Talk. Both misses for me 😦

Canon Direct Store had this Lens for a short time for only $1500.00 But by the time I found out it was gone/out of stock. That’s okay, it is 1500 that is not on my credit card 🙂

Here at B&H is what it usually cost new.

Walmart had the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Straight Talk for $229.00 but this area is a At&T area for Straight Talk so this Walmart did not have the black Friday deal here.

Weather: Too bad the weather has gotten a bit colder too. Nights to the low 40’s and that days staying in the 50s. Yes I know for a lot of you that is warm but not for me 😦

So, I am going to fire up my heater turn on the TV and chill out in my big chair.

May the best deals find you
Night folks


Pictures: It is here, the holidays.

 photo turkey2.jpg

 photo arg-turkey-strut-url.gif

Holiday: I am like all the other old turkey of the world, just looking for one more pardon for another year 🙂

Okay, I am off to see the holiday madness now, wish me luck.

Happy Turkey day folks.

Windows 10 …. again

Pictures: This is what I did today.

Windows 10 upgrade on the desktop. I have to run the generator when running the Desktop while I’m in the boondocks. It took me about 3.5 hours and will take that long for me to get the setting where I want. Don’t know why I took so long to get around to doing the update. Maybe because I have not been hookup to eclectic for a few months.
 photo UPDATE Desktop 7D1_2735_zpsrmhzgru0.jpg

Surprised that it seems to go pretty well without any crashes but of course I didn’t take the time to check everything out.

Night folks


Pictures: Okay, what today …..? I have been very lazy over the last couple of days, dragging my feet on everything.

I know I have newer camera ….. but my old Canon 20d and I have history 🙂 Anyways here is a couple old pictures of turtles.
Turtle 20d _4078

Turtle _20d 2052

Weather: This has been a very windy fall here in AZ, as it has been for the last two days. The temperature has not been bad either and I hope that holds.

Night folks