Test Shots

Pictures: Test shot with the 7D II. It is kind of hard to find good bird shots around where my RV is parked now. I see no focus problems with my 7D II πŸ™‚ The camera is going to take me some time to learn.

Black-throated Sparrow.
Black-throated Sparrow  7D2_0007

This image has a the full image resized to fit in my crop image so you could see what I am working with. I think it is a good shot for the amount of cropping, and re-sizing.
Black-throated Sparrow  7D2 test _0007

Canon 7D II : Having a few growing pains. I use Windows photo Viewer to view and organize my images ( I find it much easier to use than any of the others because I can view thumbnails or larger views of my camera raw files) but the 7D II CR2 file broke the viewer. So after a good bit of searching around I found a Codec Pack that would make it work again (Microsucks (OK, OK, Microsoft) don’t have one yet for Windows 10 and the new cameras). I had to buy one from Fast Picture Viewer, I didn’t buy their software just the Codec pack so my Windows 10 Photo Viewer would work. That cost me $10.00 but now I can stay with my work flow when doing my images from the 7D II.

Night folks


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  1. Nice shot. I like how the white band over the bird’s eye provides camouflage in the white branches. I use Windows Photo Viewer (for the same reason you give) in Windows 8.1 with Nikon raw NEF files of 25+MB and converted TIFs at 100 – 200 MB. No problems and no added codecs. It’s jus not right one would have to get additional codecs for 10.

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    1. Thanks David, these birds out west do seem to fit into their environment well. I like Windows Photo Viewer much better than any of the others I have tried and after being without it for a day or two I was happy to pay the $10.00 for the Codec pack πŸ™‚ My computer is (laptop) and about 5 years old and will need updating soon, it is a bit slow but it still goes πŸ™‚

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  2. How about using Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional that comes with the camera? I’ve been using it for several years now and it works well. It does not have as many editing tools as Photoshop, but it does the job, for me anyway.

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  3. What about Breeze Browser Pro? http://www.birdsasart-blog.com/baa-store/digital/breeze-browser/

    I’ve got wildlife and birding friends that use it, and I’ve considered it numerous times, but I haven’t switched b/c I have Photoshop CS6 with Bridge which is what I’m used to, and I also have Lightroom 6, and On1. If I didn’t have those I’d use Breeze Browser Pro. My friends have Photoshop and Breeze Browser Pro, and have told me for years I should add BBP.

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    1. Thanks, I’ll look that over, but like you I’m pretty set in my ways with using Photoshop CS6 for my editing, I just like something simple and quick to take a fast look and delete ones I don’t want, Windows Photo Viewer is fine for that, that’s step one for me. I use Windows Explorer to put the others in folders I make to my taste (location and name), that’s step two. I use Bulk Rename utility to name my file, step 3. I use ACR to do the raw image, then Photoshop. I may add light house at some point. Yes some of the others let you do more in less steps, but I like being able to stop and came back later to the next step. Man, there so many ways to do a photo work flow, yes?

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