Short bird walk this morning

Pictures: Flycatcher, I am going with Gray Flycatcher but it could be a Dusty Flycatcher. No, I’m now going with Rudy-crowned Kinglet ……. Any birders out there are welcome to give me some input on the ID.

It sure would be nice to have a little more reach, my old Canon 300mm is not very long for birding. One day maybe I’ll have that Canon 100-400mm II with the 1.4 Ext III 🙂

Click for a bigger image.
Gray Flycatcher 5 7D2_031115

Gray Flycatcher 2 7D2_031115

Exercise: I didn’t go for a walk but I did walk 2 miles while looking for the birds, my birding walks are kind of a slow moving pace but it least it is moving.

Night folks