Pictures: Okay I am done with the Cabinets for now. Nothing special mostly square cuts and improper mounted hinges :/ I had most of the hinges already and I didn’t realize till I was ready to mount the doors that they where not the right ones, so I said the heck with it and just went with them. The square part should be on the inside of the door. No big deal to me. I made a cabinet for each end of the 12 foot slide, both the same, 28 inch tall 38 inch wide and 16 inch deep. I give around my kitchen table because I just ended up piling things on it so now I have a place to put things away. So goes the old bachelor’s rig 🙂

 photo Cabinets 7D1_2732_zps0gz18f64.jpg

Time: Now I have back my time to enjoy birding and computer stuff, like blogging and such, a good thing 🙂 Tomorrow will be catch up day on chores, laundry, water for the RV and such.

Night folks