Black Friday

Pictures: hope everyone is finding all the good deals today. I have not found anything of much interest or at least I have not caught it. I was watching for a couple of things but neither worked out. One I miss the best deal I have seen on the Lens I wanted and two The local Walmart to me didn’t have the phone deal I wanted from Straight Talk. Both misses for me 😦

Canon Direct Store had this Lens for a short time for only $1500.00 But by the time I found out it was gone/out of stock. That’s okay, it is 1500 that is not on my credit card 🙂

Here at B&H is what it usually cost new.

Walmart had the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Straight Talk for $229.00 but this area is a At&T area for Straight Talk so this Walmart did not have the black Friday deal here.

Weather: Too bad the weather has gotten a bit colder too. Nights to the low 40’s and that days staying in the 50s. Yes I know for a lot of you that is warm but not for me 😦

So, I am going to fire up my heater turn on the TV and chill out in my big chair.

May the best deals find you
Night folks


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