Happy New Year’s folks!


Is it over?

Peeking out: I am peeking out now …. looking around ….. is it over? Is it safe to come out now? Is it time to start a new year? I did so good right up till the end, LOL. Some years me and the holidays ain’t the best of friends other years not so bad, I never know till they come. Never-no-matter, I hope that everyone else had a great and fun Holiday and I hope the New Year brings all the things you wish for.
As for me, the things I need to do this new year is get back on a better diet, start back exercising, get the camera busy and get my blog going again. All these things keep me busy and content most of the time, I hope they still will.

I am still looking at Lens for my camera and I am still looking at computers but I’m not buying any, just yet. Still got my eye on the 100-400 canon L and am still thinking on the Apple computer. I seen the 100-400 L as low as $1500 refurbished this year (I missed the deal) and I find it hard to up more money once I’ve seen a good deal and that may not come again till next year. The new price will come down a little more too, maybe this year coming. I’ll keep watching.

On the computer side, if I am going to put the cost of a high-end Apple computer into a computer I want one with high standards and newer connections because I plan on keeping that computer for a long time. The thing I want to see in my next new computer is the Thunderbolt 3 Standard with C type connectors which I think will become a standard pretty quick once it starts getting out there because it will be a kind of catch-all connector. I am near sure PC will go that way, …. and Apple …. well we’ll see. Thunderbolt 3 and C-connector are different things but can and will more than likely be joined, and Intel is doing that. The only computer out with that just yet that I know of, is the Dell computers. The good thing about Thunderbolt 3 is that it is very fast and when combined with the C-connector is compatible with about everything up to this point, USB 2, USB 3, USB 3.1 and the very fast Thunderbolt 3. Adapters from C type to USB should come soon after the C-connectors start hitting the market. Of course when using a slower USB device you will only get the speed that the device will offer but it will connect. Now all that being said this is just what “I” think is going to come to be and it may …. or it may not!

I have given a lot of thinking to the Apple computers and the latest iMac sure looks nice. It would be a lot lower powered then the desktop that I have now (good for me on solar) and is a fine-looking Machine for sure with the most updated specs Apple has for now. I am hoping that maybe the next Macbook Pro will have some big updates and maybe that will pull me into the Mac world. I don’t much buy a computer for now but for the future and at that cost it will have to be into the future a ways!
I take a long time on things like this because I am kind of stuck with whatever it is that I get, seeing as I don’t much have that kind of money to change my mind later on! I am sure that maybe some of you, like most people, have been in the place where you are paying for something that you wish you didn’t have but still have to pay for it …. I don’t want to be there!

Pictures: Anna’s Hummers, picture taken only a few minutes ago 🙂

Anna's hummer 9_7D_2301215

Anna's 16_7D_2301215

Night folks

Holiday Rut

Pictures: Area between Lake Havasu City and Parker on Highway 95 and the Colorado River.

Parker 1_7D1_141215

2- 7D1_2744

Holiday Rut: I have been in a bit of a Holiday Rut going when it comes to my blog of late. Maybe I’ll snap out of it or maybe I’ll just take a bit of a break for the holidays.

Night folks

Fuel leak

Today while visiting my friend (Barry) he notice fuel under my truck when I pulled out from the parking spot I was in. After looking we seen that it was leaking around the filter. My friend took me to parts house and I pick up a filter and a new seal came back to the RV and replaced the filter and seal ….. All is well!  It give me a scare. I don’t like having to take the truck in for maintenance, kind of leaves me stranded.

The cold spell is still here, but I’m still in the best possible weather in the US (overall, temperature wise), so I’ll just wait till my fine weather comes back.

Night folks