Doves ….. and Mac

Pictures: A couple of Dove shots, both older photos.

Eurasian Collared Dove.
Eurasian Dove _1551

Inca Doves, they look like they are in love, you think?
Inca Dove _5054

Mac: Thanks for all the input from readers! It seems a lot of Mac user out there, a good thing for me. I remember a time that Mac was not very poplar, times are changing. What was the name of the little computer that Radio Shack used to sale, I had one but I can’t remember the name …. Tanny or something like that? I remember I went from it to a Commodore 64 and then to a IBM Dos Machine. I have not been without a computer in all that time but there where a couple of years right before the internet starting becoming available to everyone that I didn’t use one much. The internet got me back interested in computers.

My Mac is in Phoenix, AZ only a couple or three hours away but my delivery date is not until the 8th 😦 hoping I’ll get it a day early, on Monday maybe 😀

Photoshop and Mac: I certainly won’t be buying a copy of CS6 for Mac so that leaves One; joining the CC camp which I don’t much like the ideal of but I might.( For those who don’t know Photoshop went form a software company to a service company out of greed, so you got to pay up more often now.) Two; popping Windows into the Mac (duel boot or virtual-box) and adding a copy of my Photoshop CS6. Pit falls of the two are with CC you got to pay every year ($100,00 bucks or so) and with CS6 and Windows on a near 2k display, the displaying of Photoshop don’t do well in that the menus are really small. I have read some about work-around that may work.

On the other hand, I still have Windows machines and will probably be maintaining at least one fully operational Windows computer. For the immediate future this will be my choice.

Mac Backups: I am reading that I need a dedicated hard drive to use Mac’s time machine and that sucks. I will have to have two backup drives if I go that way. So is there other ways to back up the Mac and share the backup drive with Windows backups? I’ll figure it out 🙂 I do like the sounds of the time machine.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Doves ….. and Mac

  1. I was not thrilled about this change in Photoshop either. I joined the little club thing and pay for it monthly. Hate that and I’ve not yet decided how to proceed when my year is up. The original version I purchased wouldn’t work right the last time I installed it so we shall see. I also hope you get your Mac early. It is always nice to get things sooner than the expected date.

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    1. Thanks, I may need to join the club too but I’m holding off as long as I can. My CS6 works fine in Windows machine that stay under the 4K display. ( I don’t have a 4K but I read that the Photoshop menu get really small in them. ) In the CC version they have fix this, I also read they’re going to stop updating ACR for new camera. They’re pushing hard to get as many in their services as they can. It’ll be great to see a alternative (as good) come out, but they kind of lead the pack for now. On the bright side so far CS6 is doing all I need for now.

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