He Made me smile

Pictures: Today I am going to post a pictures of one of my friends that passed on about 10 year ago and I sometimes still miss him. His name was Dude and we where great friends for over 15 years, this was his last year.

Here is one of the days we where both enjoying a rest on the pouch, and watching birds.
A Dude a2 003

I can’t remember what time of year it was ( had to be late winter or early spring) but I remember this day as he stood facing a hard wind and I thought that maybe he was enjoying it blowing in his face, he made me smile πŸ™‚
My best Friend_4047

Mac users question : Will my new Macbook Pro came with OS X El Capitam, the latest OS? I hope I don’t have to download a whole OS first thing 😦 It was built in early 2015 but refurbish later. Hopefully they updated the thing. I have limit Data is the reason I am concerned. I’ll know when I get it.

Question two, I like strong privacy (privacy not security) what are your recommendations? I like good security too but privacy seems to be harder to come by. As with all OS’s the biggest offenders are usually the OSs themselves. About 90% of the time, if ask, I give up my personal info but I don’t like it when it is just assumed it is okay to take it, or taken without really caring what I think. So if there are ways to control it I usually try to do that (many time there is not 😦 ) . So, what do you folks got for me, any privacy conscious folks care to share there setting or hacks?

Question 3, Does anyone have a good Clipboard Manager they use for their Mac, I prefer free but if not free, at least good. It don’t have to be highly featured either, I want to save the last ten clips and be able to store maybe ten clips for use at any time. I want to clip anything so more than plain text. In Windows I use Ditto which is great. Any one use Copy’em Paste?

Night folks


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  1. He was great friend and so lovely too. I don’t know why they love the wind… I remember an image, dog in the car with the open window while the car is going… πŸ™‚ Thank you dear John, have a nice Monday and new week, love, nia

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