Mac broke

Nuts!!! My Mac is not working right and has to go back. It is going to be replaced. The WiFi would not work right. I did everything I could think of and I was many hours on the phone with the techs till they wanted me to reinstall the OS which met a big download again and I said no I would just return it and then they wanted to fix it and I said no, for the money it should work out-of-the-box now! Next they wanted me to drive to the nearest Apple store 125 miles one way and I was guessing that it was going to take two trips (500 miles) so I said no to that! That is when they said they would ship another one(2 day shipping) as soon as I got this one to FedEx for shipping. They said I’ll get it Friday…. we’ll see.
More than likely a system file was messed up and a reinstall may have fixed it but I seen no reason to guess at it. At my data rates that could cost me a few bucks if it didn’t fix it then I would still have to send it back. I looked at doing the download at McDonald’s but the little time bar said (download time 50 hours) ….. okay! The last person I talk with, I ask if the next Mac would need all the updates that this one did and she said “no” I ask “really?” she said “we could refund you for your data?” I said “okay” because I do want the dang thing! I am guessing if I do get anything out of them it will be App store/iTunes credit or at best a credit for The Apple store and not a refund to my bank for the data I will have to pay for.

The problem was weird. Yesterday I was able to connect all but one time and a couple of restarts fixed that. Today I could not connect at all this morning and went to McDonald’s and tried their WiFi and bang! I had internet and then I tried my MiFi device (took it with me) and bang I had internet. Left McDonald’s come back to RV and try to connect and it did one time, after the one time it would not connect again with my MiFi. Called Apple worked with tech, called Verizon and worked with tech and then back to Apple with one more trip to McDonald’s (tech and McDonald’s together the last time) Again It worked with the McDonald’s connection and then would work with my Mifi.Β  I got out of range of McDonald’s and then tried a time or two with the MiFi and then it would not work. Just weird!

I’m going to give Mac one last chance, if I have any thing to wrong with the next one, Mac will be done and then maybe I’ll then buy a PC.Β  So …. last shot Mac!

And that folks has been my day.

Night Folks


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  1. What an effing disaster. 😑I hate all that crap. How about they give you a credit for all the hours you have wasted, hmm. Charge em at least 65 bucks per hour to time, cover petrol, wear and tear on the car and as compensation. As if that would happen!!! πŸ™πŸ™I feel for you!

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    1. Thank you, A friend of my told me that only 7% of Apple customers give an unsatisfied rating, I should have knew that would be me! ! LOL. Well the first one is on its way back. I’ll played more with it if I was setting somewhere I could have unlimited data at good speed. I get 20 of data a month from Verizon and I use that, so I don’t won’t to use it all with updating and reinstalling Mac OS. They told me that at the Apple store when you buy a new one they’re do that for you, but the new one would cost $500 more. No, enough cost already 😦

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      1. Despite the huge popularity they are still very expensive! It’s about time they drop their prices. I hope that one that’s on its way will be much better for you!πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŒŸπŸŽ„πŸŒŸ

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  2. I’ve been a PC person since the mid-80’s. Initially I admired and envied the Apple computers for their multimedia capabilities compared to the DOS machines but Apple was always too expensive for me. I’m really sorry about the troubles you’re having; I know those types of issues more than just aggravating. What you are going through sounds like what used to be fairly common for wintel machines prior to XP and what the Apple enthusists would say never happens to them. Hope your able to get it all resolved soon with minimal effort and frustration.

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    1. It might be that I’ll keep on being a PC guy ……. LOL! It is a nice machine but I have my limits, for that kind of money they can take the time to do the updates and a little more time to insure it works right. I was surprise that their answer to the problem was to do a system reinstall, sounds a lot like pc’s old tricks! I may tell them to forget it!

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  3. Such a disappointing bummer! I’m sorry – definitely not a good start for a “new Mac person.” As well as all the wasted time and money, the excitement buster of getting a new computer – especially a “switch” computer, is just terrible. I LOVE getting a new computer and setting it up, but it takes – literally – days to get it right. Then to have it not work right, geez… Hopefully when you get the new one in the mail it will be wonderful. πŸ™‚

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