Okay, I give

Well, I have run out of energy on the Mac side of things. This morning I called and canceled my order for the second unit, for now I’m going to give up on Mac, but I don’t rule out the Possibility of ever owning one. I may walk into an Apple store one day or Best Buy and buy a new one, or try another refurbished. But for now I’ll take a break from computers. Maybe when I’m going to stay in one place for a while.

However, I don’t want to fight with computers that are not ready to go, or at least not one I know little about. But maybe one day!

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Okay, I give

  1. That’s too bad, but I can’t say I blame you. I ended up getting an iPad Air to see if I liked Apple stuff, maybe that would work for you. Not like a laptop, but lots of people carry their iPads everywhere with them. Easy to take, and you still get all the great Apple apps.

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  2. Ah! Too bad. At least you didn’t invest too much time in the relationship. I’m sure Apple will be sad to see you go. ;( Seeing as how I’ve put up with Windows since the late eighties and am totally happy with my second Android Nexus 7, I’ve never given a second thought to being an iSheeple 🙂

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    1. I just did not want to send stuff back and forth, it’s a pain getting mail out here, must less packages. Maybe if I ever get close to a Apple store I can try again. I still think that they have some really good hardware but I don’t know much about OS X, because I’ve just not use it. The folks that have them can’t seem to say enough good things about Apple. The biggest down side is the cost and I guess for the money I wanted a hassle free experience!


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