Fuel leak

Today while visiting my friend (Barry) he notice fuel under my truck when I pulled out from the parking spot I was in. After looking we seen that it was leaking around the filter. My friend took me to parts house and I pick up a filter and a new seal came back to the RV and replaced the filter and seal ….. All is well!  It give me a scare. I don’t like having to take the truck in for maintenance, kind of leaves me stranded.

The cold spell is still here, but I’m still in the best possible weather in the US (overall, temperature wise), so I’ll just wait till my fine weather comes back.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Fuel leak

  1. So happy to hear all is well! I feel your pain! Two years ago I ran over something a big rig lost on the road in the wee hours of the morning and didn’t see it. I heard it when I ran over it on my way to Moab. Turns out it put a hole in the gas tank of the rental car I was using that week-end.

    It cost more than I had planned or budgeted for that month! I was not a happy camper the following month when I was restricted by my budget because of that!

    I hope you’re all good and able to move about freely now.

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