Holiday Rut

Pictures: Area between Lake Havasu City and Parker on Highway 95 and the Colorado River.

Parker 1_7D1_141215

2- 7D1_2744

Holiday Rut: I have been in a bit of a Holiday Rut going when it comes to my blog of late. Maybe I’ll snap out of it or maybe I’ll just take a bit of a break for the holidays.

Night folks


15 thoughts on “Holiday Rut

  1. These are beautiful scenes, John…can smell the fresh air!
    Have a great Christmas break, wherever you are, along with your fellow RVers. Raise a glass of cheer for me, and from me, to wish you all the best. I’ve enjoyed your travels this year, and look forward to many more to come. I myself have posts scheduled over the next few days as I won’t be using my PC in that period. Cheeri-pip from the Great Southern Land. 🙂

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  2. Well, one thing about being in a Holiday Rut is the holiday will soon be over and we’ll all be back to normal. I’m just happy that we are having pretty good weather. Nice pictures! 🙂

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