Pictures: Anna’a 🙂

This is the Hummers favorite Spot.
Anna's b_7D2_030116

The Hummer has two spots this is his other spot, he flies back and forth as I get to close 🙂
Anna's c_7D2_030116

Exercise: Took myself a 3 mile walk today.

Welton: Today I took a ride out to Welton, a small city about 25 miles east of Yuma to see a place where I spent a couple of winters. I had heard that it was one of the places the State had put up one of their signs that says it is State Trust Land and that you need a permit to stay there. (Getting a permit is more trouble then it is worth, so folks usually just stop staying there) Well, sure enough there was a sign up, but the place was loaded with RV’s without permits. Not sure how that will turn out for the folks that are there. I obey the signs and if it says no than I “no do it” LOL. Others do push things till they send someone to kick them out and if they don’t send someone, well they just stay on. I don’t think it is a good ideal to push your luck when there is a sign and I don’t. It was a good spot to park, I hate to see it go 😦

Night folks

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