Really slack of late

Slack : I have been lazy on the Blog lately more so then I have ever been in the last few years. Still not doing well on my exercise or eating either 😦
Exercise: At least today I got out and did a 14 mile bike ride, first exercise in a week!

Computer: I have gotten a new Windows Computer ( a cheap one to hole me over till I find what I want, still thinking Apple later on this year). The new one is just one to use as a back up to my other older laptop which may go any day seeing as it is over 5 years old. Also this new one will let me take down the old desktop computer that I have and still have a backup machine. The desktop is built into a desk so it will be taking out the desk too. The desk takes up a lot of room so it will be good to have the room back. Ever now and then I like a big screen to play with but maybe if I get a nice high-end laptop later this year, I could get a nice 4 or 5K monitor to hook up to it 🙂 next year. Maybe just thinking on it for now.
The new Computer is a 14 inch Acer Aspire R 14, it is at least a HD 1080p but only a I5 processes with 8gig ram, 250 SSD and Windows Home. Nothing special but I am having fun playing with it, gives me something to do, seeing as I am off from all the things I usually do! Not that I am using it any but it is also my first “touch screen” for a Windows machine. I figure it will be a good enough Windows machine ( I do plan on keeping at least some kind of Windows computer) if I go with the main computer being an Apple.
I deactivated my Photoshop CS6 on the desktop and Activated it on the new laptop. I have not play with any photo on it yet so not sure how the color is going to be, but it looks OK. Maybe tomorrow.

Comments: Need to catch up on my comments, I have not look for a few days, sorry 😦

Night folks


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  1. I’m really interested in how you like the new computer. I need to get a back-up, too, as mine is about 4 years old and is starting to do weird things. I keep thinking I need a less expensive backup. Last time my computer’s hard drive just “broke.” No warning of any kind. Couldn’t get it to work, sent it into HP and they couldn’t do a thing with it and couldn’t get anything off the hard drive. Luckily I had all my docs and photos backed up. I’m curious about the touch screen on a laptop. I use the touch screen on my iPad, but I don’t use the iPad much. I’m wondering if a touch screen on a laptop will be super easy and faster, or if it will be harder to use in the beginning.

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    1. Hi Barbara, so far I am liking the little computer and it is doing Okay. Hard-drives are a killer because it takes out everything at once. One of the reason that I like two computers set up very similar to each other that way I can go on without much change. Also it gives me one computer to do crazy things on like, put in program that might change things more then I like, do registry hacks and other test type things.
      Touch ….. I have hardly used touch on my so far. It is a convertible and can be used just like a tablet but I am use to a full computer. I guess I would have to make myself just do touch if I really wanted to learn how to do it. Maybe I will one day and maybe not …. ! In the beginning it would certainly be a learning curve. I think in the end it would end up being a preference choice. As for me I have not found a must have feature on the touch side of things yet, but I am old and find it hard to make change 🙂 But one never knows when a program will come along that is far better on a touch screen. In the end I think Microsoft has worked hard to make either interface (keyboard and mouse or touch screen only) work on Windows 10 machine.


    1. I kind of like changing computer, just not real crazy about paying for one! 🙂 My old laptop is still running fine I think (just needs a little software cleaning) feel like I’d had good luck with it, but after 5 years I think I best have a back up plan!

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