Good bike ride toady

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and a Anna’s Hummer.

White-Crowned Sparrow 22_7D2_140116

Anna's Hummer 27_7D2_140116

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for about 14 miles, nice ride.

New Computer: Still liking my new computer. It has great battery life and is doing a fine job. Just a little more working with it and I’ll reset(reinstall Windows 10) my other laptop. Something I have not done sent I brought it 5 years ago, I’ve always just upgraded and a reset is much needed I think. Maybe I’ll add a copy of Ubuntu on it too.
At some point I will reformat my hard drives on the desktop and take it down too. When I get an Apple computer that will be my desktop replacement.

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8 thoughts on “Good bike ride toady

  1. I like Windows 10, but it’s giving me issues. I had to “refresh” it this afternoon for the second time and of course lost all my programs. I’m in the process of re-installing them all. Some purchased programs, the ones bought on-line, only allow a limited number of re-installs and it’s a real pain. If this happens again, I don’t know what I’ll do. How’s your Windows 10 running?

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    1. I too like Windows 10 except for all the privacy issue. But I use this page to help with that. There is also some software out that will do most of this for you. This makes you lose some of the Windows stuff that they like to show off but I don’t like most of the show off stuff noways! The biggest problems I had upgrading a Windows machine to 10, was hardware drivers but if you get those going it is great. My Windows 10 is running great on the new computer but I am having some problems on the older laptop, like you I’m going to try a refresh at some point. In defense of 10 the older computer has done Vista-Windows 8 -Window 8.1 – Windows 10 (both version) without a clean install, so I’ll do one soon and see if that helps. I’ll wait till after the 25th that is when my Verizon Data refreshes.


  2. Happy New Year, John! Happy New Computer!
    These birdies are beautiful. I particularly like how you captured the shadows of the branches on the back of that hummer….fantastic! Sounds like just the right mileage for an afternoon’s bike ride…did you stop to take some photos?

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    1. Thank you, I Hope that your new year is great too šŸ™‚ I don’t carry the camera when I ride the bike, I’m sure that would lead to a really big wreck, for me anyways, LOL! I do see things sometimes when I’m riding and wish I had the camera with me. I like to do at least 10 miles when I ride and if I get more that is great šŸ™‚


      1. Aahh, I see, you’re a chaotic cyclist on the road and can’t be trusted to keep upright let alone on the right track, yes?!!! LOL. šŸ˜‰
        I suggest hanging the camera around the neck, with your camera strap; that’s always a good place to keep it from harm! And, don’t ride SO fast!
        Cheers to you. So far, the year is going great! Thanks.

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      2. LOL, I do keep upright ….. most of the time! All my cameras with a good lens on them are pretty heavy for a neck strap only. I could use a phone …… šŸ™‚


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