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Pictures: House Finch and another White-Crowed Sparrow, these are the ones coming to the feeder.

House Finch 6_7D2_200116

White-Crowed Sparrow 1_7D2_200116

Windows 10: I have reset my older laptop and I think I did a good deed for the old computer, it runs much better πŸ™‚ I have been upgrading it since I got it with Windows Vista, so 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 where all upgrades and I think that it lost something on the way up. Having two up and running Windows 10 laptops will give me a second backup of all my files plus a whole computer backup should one bite the dust. Now what to do about the desktop replacement? ….. still thinking Apple but I waiting to see what they do this year with their updates to the Macbook Pro. I will go with another laptop but one that will run a nice 4K monitor, that way I can have the low power use of a laptop and the nice big screen of a desktop when needed (or wanted) πŸ™‚
The reset went pretty good, the only thing I lost where the USB drivers and after a bit of hunting on the internet I found the driver I needed.
My favorite site for my settings is here. This site pretty much has all the things I like to change in one place.

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