Playing with the computers

Exercise: I have been doing fairly well on my exercise, nothing special but staying steady with either walking or riding the bike. Today was a 3 mile walk, yesterday was a 10 mile bike ride. Starting to get back to eating a little better too. I seen to have just loss my way totally during the holidays.

Windows 10 : Still playing with a few settings in both my laptops seeing as Windows 10 is fairly recently install on both. I am still learning to use some of Windows 10 features and some of those go back to Windows 8 …. Yes us old dogs can learn new tricks but we don’t get in no hurry about it πŸ˜‰ One of the things I have let go is the Start menu that I have always added to the task bar since Windows 8, as I have became more comfortable with Windows 10 Start menu. I still dislike that you can highly modifier the icon side but have no control over the text side of it. I much prefer text menu to icons/ribbons menu and add text menu any time there is an option to do so. The Windows 10 Menu is alphabetical and I would prefer categories organization but I am starting to learn to live with it being alphabetical.

Laptop: The new laptop is doing okay by me and I am liking it a lot. Even with it being kind of low end it is still way better then the 5 year old one that I have.

Night folks


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  1. I think I told you about the Windows 10 issues I’ve been having? Lost lots functions and it was driving me crazy. I finally learned last night I had gone into the Tablet Mode Settings and turned it on – to use my laptop as a tablet. Finally found that info on-line and went back and turned it OFF. Everything started working again. That was so frustrating, but good to know. I sure don’t remember doing that, but I must have. Nice to be back to normal. πŸ™‚

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