Pictures: Pictures: I find some nice peace and quiet here.

Peace 7D1_2778

Out and about: I got out a bit today did a little shopping and got some water for the RV and maybe enough water left over to wash my truck (which is much needed). I didn’t really want to go but I needed to in order to get needed items, sometimes I think I could be a recluse and never go out! My mother was a recluse and would only go out when really push hard to do so, even to see a doctor if she was sick. As I get older I think I am beginning to understand her feelings! Just ever now and then I feel a little of this, but I think I am like most folks and just feel like stepping out of it all for a bit sometimes.

Birds: I don’t have much luck birding in this area other then a few Hummers. I’ll work on it 🙂

Night folks


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  1. I think you’d be getting plenty of solitude wherever you travel. The place in this pic looks like an ideal spot to contemplate life…nice environment. If you can’t find any birds, how about some nice landscapes?! Hope you’re keeping well! janina… 🙂

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