Pictures: New toy, 100-400 lens 🙂 🙂 🙂 I finally ended up buying one online from Canada, thanks to Canon Price Watch. Link on the right.

For a long lens it will let you get close.
Test shot 3_7D2_200216

For only 400mm I think I got some pretty good detail out of this moon shot.
Test shot 15_7D2_190216

I love the IS on this lens, it’ll let me shoot pretty slow, hand held, and I don’t have the most stable hands either.
test shot-2 2_7D2_190216

A Hello: Hello Sandra 🙂 I am still kicking.

Night folks


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  1. Really beautiful pictures you have taken! 🙂 I’ll buy one when I can afford, from 170-400mm lens Sigma.Canons lenses are very expensive. Biggest I have now is a 70-300mm.

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    1. Thanks, yes Canon is costly for sure but the plastic made it possible for me 🙂 I have been using a Canon 300 f4 for over 10 years now and it served me well! I had a 400 f5/6 but it was not a walk around lens for me, I need the IS. The 400 is great from a tripod but I’ll probably sell both the 300 and 400 mm lens if I can find a buyer, and just have the 100-400 as my go to lens.


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