Evil Cactus

Pictures: More Cactus Blooms and this one is a evil cactus! If you walk around the desert enough you’re going to get stuck now and again and this cactus is the ones that gets me the most. I sometimes think these things jump!! They are fun too, they have little hooks on each little thorn that goes in easy and come out hard. They have small section that break off and fall on the ground and if you step on it it will stick to the shoes and the next step it will get a hold a little higher on the other shoe/leg. I tell you, this one is evil! LOL. But … the blooms this time of year are nice 🙂

Cactus 16_7D2_300316

Cactus 18_7D2_300316

Here is the plant itself, a sticky fellow for sure. The second one below show all the sticky things looking for a ride with anything that touches them! Forgive the quality, I took these two shot at high-noon today and the light is harsh.

Eail Cactus 1_7D2_310316

Evail b3_7D2_310316

On this post Long Horn Sheep I kept calling these guys Long Horn Sheep ….. How about I call them Big Horn Sheep 🙂 there, that is better! Sometimes I know better and just don’t do better 😦

Night folks



Pictures: The Cactus are putting on a nice show this year.

Cactus 7_7D2_290316

Cactus 3_7D2_290316

Exercise: A short walk today didn’t do too well with birds but did enjoy seeing the change in the cactus blooms.

Night folks


Pictures: Couple more Gnatcatcher shots.

I wish the little twigs was not in front of it, but you take what you can get.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 8_7D2_210316

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 10_7D2_210316

Weather: Windy, did I say Windy? It is!! Temperature is good but the wind has been crazy this year in this area. However, watching the news … I got it petty good considering what the weather is in other places across the U.S.!

Night folks

More Plainopepla

Pictures: A couple more shots of the Plainopepla.

Plainopepla 25_7D2_210316

Plainopepla 21_7D2_210316

Weather/Moving: I am starting to think about moving now and the weather is a big part of that, for sure. I will more than likely move north a little ways, not sure to where just yet. It is in the thinking bin!

Night folks

Big Horn Sheep

Pictures: I took a short walk yesterday evening and seen these Long Horn Sheep making their living in the rough mountain area that this is. It amazes me that they can do it!

You can click on the images for a larger picture, if you like.

A small group here, I counted 15 but I could not get them all in one shot.
Long Horn Sheep 32_7D2_240316

This one shows some signs of the hard life that the desert offers, looks like some pretty mean scars to me 😦
Long Horn Sheep 36_7D2_240316

Still new life keeps coming forward 🙂
Lon-Horn Sheep 17_7D2_240316

Internet Bandwidth : I’m about out of that stuff! It rolls over tonight so tomorrow maybe I can do some blog browsing and catch up a bit 🙂 Trying to be careful today and not run over my limit.

Night folks