More Sunset 2

Pictures: Yet more sunsets, I have always enjoying shooting sunsets but I have never work too hard at it. When I ordered my 100-400 a little ways back I also order a Neutral-density filter and step up ring (Tiffen 82mm Variable Neutral Density Filter, I don’t have a 82mm lens but maybe I will one day) and that is what I have been doing a bit different with my sunsets (slowing the shutter speed) . Hope you like them. The foreground on these shots are dark and I can pull that out in post but I am kind of liking the darker foreground.

Blythe 5_7d1__280216

Blythe 1_7d1__280216

Weather: We have some pretty hot temperatures for RVing in the desert, about 90 during the days. Any more and I would be on the road looking for cooler ground! This week is going to stay pretty warm but then cool back off a bit, a good thing. I am sure by the end of March I will be looking for cooler places for sure, if not sooner.

Night folks


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  1. Very beautiful pictures as usual, John! πŸ™‚ I love sunsets. I bought a Fotga ND filter for my 62mm lenses but my new Tamron 150-600mm have 95mm lens and itΒ¨s to expensive. I wanted to shoot the moon but itΒ¨s not visible, Your picture of the moon is so good, you can see the details, but you have the best lens, a Canon πŸ™‚ I will see how Tamron is at that distance.

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    1. Hello John and thank you. I have seen some great shots from the Tamron and I think you will do well with it. To get near 600mm I would have to add the 1.4 ext and still would not be at 600 and I think in that case your Tamron will do just as well. I give a lot of thinking to getting 150-600 Tamron or Sigma, both fine lens.

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