Birds at the lake

Pictures: While at the lake last night I seen these birds.

Gull, I think maybe a Ring Bill?
Gull 16_7D2_100316

Eared Grebe, is my best guess with this one. I’ll have a couple more shots of this one tomorrow.
Eared Grebe 15_7D2_100316

Coot 1_7D2_100316

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Birds at the lake

  1. I started using an app on my iPod Touch to id birds. It is by The Cornell Lab and is called Merlin. I am terrible with bird iding and though I have to have a wifi connection to use it is has been a great tool for me. Great captures and thanks for giving the Coot a place here, They are hard to capture and most folks don’t take pictures of them anyway because they aren’t “cute”. I love em!

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    1. Thank you, I have the Audubon Birds app and it is pretty good. The thing is for me I often see birds and take a picture and only when I back to my computer and blow the pictures up big, that I can really see it in enough detail to ID it. Especially on birds that I haven’t seen before, and for me that covers most water fowl.

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