Wild Flower

Pictures: Couple of flower shots.

Flower 22_7D2_130316

Flower 21_7D2_130316

WordPress: I can’t get my wordpress “Likes” to work at all, on the computer or the table 😦 been that way for a couple of days now. I hate it when they are fixing things and then things break.

Night folks


14 thoughts on “Wild Flower

  1. Yeah, I agree! The other day in my Reader I got nothing but ALL the posts of one of the blogs I follow!! Fixed now. My Likes works, but then I do most of my reading in the Reader these days, with occasional actual visits direct to blogs. I find it a lot ‘cleaner’ to do it that way so that I don’t download all the extraneous stuff, like sidebars and so on…love this flower; kinda looks like a wild hibiscus…pretty!


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