Birds today

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White-crowned Sparrow.
White-Crowed Sparrow 12_7D2_140316

I’m not sure on this one …. Sage Thrushes maybe,(I don’t think Sage Thrushes have a eye-rings) any help on a ID is welcome. I might post on a bird forum and see what they say.
**** Update **** After posting this picture on a bird forum for an ID Feathered Friends It is for sure a Sage Thrasher. If you care to read what the folks in the bird forum had to say, I post under the name of Poppabird.

Bird 19_7D2_140316

Night folks


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    1. Thanks, I try to keep working on the photographer part, I figure it needs all the help it can get! πŸ™‚ The lens is great but I need to change my post processing a little with it I think.

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