Redo and a compare

Pictures: Today I am going to post a redo of the Sage Thrasher and add a older picture of a Hermit Thrush to compare the two birds. I took the Hermit Thrush picture some years ago in Cloudcroft, NM.

Redo of my post processing on the Sage Thrasher.
Sage Thrasher 19_7D2_140316

Hermit Thrush. This one is a young bird but it at least gives one the ideal of the difference of the two birds. The eyes are the big tell on them.
Hermit Thrush

Night folks


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    1. Thank you, I got my education from the bird Forum 🙂 After looking back in my older photo I found a photo of the Hermit Thrush that I had took a few years back, don’t guess I did my research very well! And like you …. I hope I recognize either of them the next time I see one 🙂

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