Ocotillo Cactus

Pictures: Ocotillo Cactus about to bloom.

Cactus Ocotillo 5_7D2_210316

Cactus 3_7D2_210316

WordPress Likes: The “like’s”still don’t like me. When using my WordPress reader I still can’t get it to show all my likes on a post, it’ll show the first 10 or 12 but that is it. I have always used my WordPress app to Reciprocate with my likes from my post and now I can’t see them now 😠 I use Firefox on the computer and the WordPress site editor, but I have it lock down so tight with plugins that I don’t use it to Explore my likes, beside it takes far too many clicks in Firefox to get to my friends sites when I’m looking at a bunch. So …… For now I’m just using the reader to do likes by looking at all my follows, post and it takes more time to do that and I may miss folks that have dropped by and give me a like 😦

Hopefully, WordPress will fix it or I’ll figure it out!

Night folks


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  1. Try to open the image you get by clicking on the subject matter. This way the page will open and you will ring the “like” button below the picture. That has worked for me. Good luck.

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      1. “Yes I do” does that mean you use all of them? On my web interface it is a pain because I keep Firefox lock pretty tight with security plug-ins which causes me to have to take a long path to get to ones web site, so that I avoid. I normally use the app on android tablet, I go to the notification area pick a post, say for example it has 57 likes, I click on that and it gives me a list of 10 or 12 or so and then at the bottom of that list it has a little thing that says show all your likes, before when clicked on it would always open up with the full list of all the likes for that post, now it just goes to a blank page. Does your app do that?


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