Close by

Pictures: A wild flower, a weed of some kind that I liked and a Moth.

I moved a little north today, near Kingman, AZ. Just grab the camera and took a few shots around close to where I am parked.

For pictures of the area look back in my blog to about mid Oct last year, 17th to the 27th of Oct.

Wild Flower 1_7d1__010416

Weed 4_7d1__010416

Moth 7_7d1__010416

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Close by

  1. I would also like to travel around to different places, it seems to be absolutely wonderful, but in US you have so much different part of nature then we have here in Sweden.

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    1. Hi Judy, I might spend a little time here, but I’m working my way toward you 🙂 I think Kingman is about the same elevation as you are now. Looking at the weather, it looks like you guys are going to have a cool snap around the 11th of the month, and it’ll be about 10° warmer here. We’ll meet up at some point 🙂


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